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We understand the importance of finding the perfect carpet for your home. That’s why we offer a wide variety of carpet options to suit every style and budget.

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Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect carpet for your space and provide professional installation services to ensure your new carpet looks and functions perfectly. We are also available to provide maintenance and repair services to keep your carpet looking its best for years to come.

What types of Carpet do you offer?

Well, we offer a wide range of carpets to cover every floor and every need. Whether you’re looking for a cozy carpet for your bedroom, a durable option for high-traffic areas, or something in between, we’ve got you covered. From plush, shaggy carpets to sleek, low-pile options, we have a carpet to suit your style and budget.

Do you fit my carpets after I've ordered it?

Absolutely! Our team of expert flooring technicians can take care of the whole process for you, from measuring your room to removing your old carpet and installing your new one. No need to lift a finger, just sit back and let us do the heavy lifting. And with our attention to detail, you can trust that your new carpet will look and feel just perfect.

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Everything to suit your needs

Our Selection of Carpet Includes

Nylon carpet: Nylon is a durable, resilient synthetic fiber that is resistant to stains and wear and tear. It’s a great option for high-traffic areas and homes with children or pets.

Polyester carpet: Polyester is a soft and luxurious synthetic fiber that is also resistant to stains and fading. It’s a great choice for bedrooms and other low-traffic areas.

Wool carpet: Wool is a natural fiber that is soft, durable and naturally stain-resistant. It’s a great choice for any room in the house and it’s eco-friendly option.

Berber carpet: Berber is a textured, loop-pile carpet that is made from a variety of fibers, including wool, nylon and polypropylene. It’s a great option for high-traffic areas and offers a timeless look.

Saxony carpet: Saxony is a cut-pile carpet that is made from a variety of fibers and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s a great option for bedrooms and other low-traffic areas.

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Fitting Carpets Throughout the UK

At City Carpets, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services available. We take pride in our ability to offer a wide range of carpet options to suit every style and budget. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and preferences, and we are dedicated to helping them find the perfect carpet solution.


What are the different types of carpet fibers available and what are their benefits?

Well folks, let me tell you, the world of carpet fibers is vast and varied, much like a Hollywood red carpet. But fear not, we’re here to guide you down the aisle of soft, plush and durable options. There’s nylon, which is stain-resistant and strong as all get-out. Then there’s polyester, which is a master at retaining color and having a luxurious feel. And let’s not forget about wool, which is naturally flame-resistant and hypoallergenic, it’s the MVP of carpet fibers.

    How do I know if a carpet is the right choice for my home?

    It’s all about finding the right fit, like a good pair of blue jeans. Consider the amount of foot traffic in the room, your lifestyle and any potential spills or stains. Carpet is great for adding warmth and comfort to bedrooms and living rooms, while also offering sound insulation. And if you have little ones or pets, it can be a lifesaver for those inevitable spills and messes.

      How do I maintain and clean my carpet to keep it looking fresh and new?

      Maintenance is key, folks! Regular vacuuming can do wonders for keeping your carpet looking and feeling brand new. And when it comes to spills and stains, time is of the essence. The faster you can tackle them, the better chance you have of getting rid of them for good. And if you need a little extra help, there’s no shame in calling in the pros for a deep clean. Just like giving your car a wash, your carpet deserves some TLC every now and then.

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      Quality carpet and flooring boosts the fatigued appearance of your home or business. City Carpets & Flooring in Chelmsford, Essex, supplies carpets and flooring of the finest quality along with providing seamless installations for your convenience. As a respected, independent flooring company, you can be sure to obtain the best prices for flooring through competitive rates and special offers. Established more than 25 years ago as carpet and flooring suppliers, you can trust us for first-class products that boast durability and effortless style.

      nadir review

      Nadir Ahmed

      For the past couple of years, I have been a customer of City Carpets and Flooring. They have always provided excellent customer service, brilliant quality products, and great end results with their fitting. The staff is very friendly and punctual, and for these reasons, I highly recommend this team for any of your flooring needs!

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      John O'Prey

      Could not be happier with their whole service. Pierre quickly measured up and followed by a prompt quotation which was £800 cheaper than the previous one. A fitting date was quickly arranged with Richard and his assistant laminating and Glen and his assistant taking care of the carpet fitting. Completed after two days meaning very happy customers. Oh and the carpets great quality.

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